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Our Approach

We are a Plant-based food blog/diary filled with colorful vegan and vegetarian recipes, purposefully using nutritious ingredients with the main objective of leading and promoting a healthy lifestyle and learning the health benefits of those ingredients and their impact on your wellbeing.

What you fill your plate with is far more powerful than any pill in a bottle

Your food is your medicine

Our Story

This blog is our adventure together! (My hubby and I) and will be evolving and growing as we go along.

We’re only starting on our journey but our aim is for this blog to become your personal diary of nutritious recipes, ideas, and inspirations for a healthier way of life and helping turn your veggies into a Nutrilicious Delight!

One of the thing that we look forward to will be to read comments and emails from you, the readers, for what is starting out as a place to share our healthy ideas and inspirations amongst family and friends, we hope will turn into a community of healthy eating peeps. Try our recipes and tag us on social media!

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